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A Successful Online Exhibition

In my last blog post, I talked about a virtual exhibition of my work that I created via the Kunstmatrix hosting site, and which can be viewed on my website. Last week, I held two online events to inaugurate it -- a preview for the VIPs on my mailing list, followed two nights later by a public event -- and I am pleased to report that both were a success. Both events were broadcast via Zoom, and a recording of the public event is available via my Y ouTube channel , website , or here: About 27 people attended, and I sold ten pieces from the show. But most satisfying of all, perhaps even more than the sales, was the question and answer session conducted by artist/curator Joanne Aono . We agreed that I wouldn't see the questions in advance, and it made for an incredibly interesting and stimulating back and forth.  I hope you look at the virtual exhibition, but I also urge you to watch the Q & A, which begins at around the 30:00 minute mark.

Online Exhibition

  Exhibition opportunities are limited for me due to the pandemic, so I've put together an online exhibition which opens on Friday March 265th. Here is a short video preview of it: The app I used to create the show is called Kunstmatrix , and it enables you to set up virtual rooms through which people can move in a siimulation of 3-d movement, similar to how one looks around Google street view in 360 degree panorama. People can join the opening by signing in to a Zoom call, and then I just share my laptop screen within the Zoom call and perform the virtual walk-through by moving my mouse around. I've "attended" similar online events, but this is the first time I am trying it myself. Report to follow...