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Showing posts from April, 2021

New Interview

  A new interview with me is now live on Vimeo via Multiple Arts , a series curated by Liana Voia, who lives in Canada and France. It's a really well-edited piece, with me mostly speaking directly to camera about my life, art, influences, and plans, with detours into the history of twentieth century French art! The interview is part of a series  of dozens of similar interviews that Liana has conducted with artists in the United States and Canada: Here is the video (link here if you want to watch it via Vimeo):

Process Videos

  Beginning shortly before Christmas, I have been regularly uploading short videos showing me (or at least my hands) at work in my studio. Many of them are short hyperlapse videos, condensing hours of work into fifteen or thirty seconds, to fit the Instagram format and recommended length. Ai imagine that by the end of this year I will have quite an extensive archive of my painting and printmaking sessions.