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Beverly Fisher and Studio Light Space

  Artist and designer Beverly Fisher has recently moved to Tucson, Arizona, from Philadelphia and she is working in a beautiful old adobe building in the Barrio Viejo. The space is a classic structure from the middle of the nineteenth century, with thick walls to keep the fierce summer heat at bay, and an interior of whitewashed walls and flagstone floors and a high ceiling with exposed beams and rafters. In addition to making her own work in the structure, Fisher exhibits work by herself and other artists in a space which seems tailor-made to display abstract work in the best possible environment. Beverly Fisher, A Passage Series , ink on paper on board, 20 ins. x 20 ins. x 2 ins. 2021 Fishers's work consists of ink drawings on paper. Their linearity implies a high degree of formal organization and an imposed structure, but on close inspection it's clear that the final image is arrived at by a process of exploration. In the piece picture above, what appears to be a grid is in

Six of the Best 43: Painter Leslie Peterson Sapp

Boudoir II , 40 inches x 48 inches, acrylic/charcoal/collage on panel, 2022 Part 43 of an interview series in which artists reply to the same six questions. Leslie Peterson Sapp is a painter and printmaker based in Oregon, USA. She makes painting and prints that call to mind mid-twentieth century magazine and book cover images, and film noir mystery. You can see more of her work here . Other interviews on this blog are available here. Philip Hartigan : What medium/media do you chiefly use, and why? Leslie Peterson Sapp: I use acrylic paint and paper. This is because I enjoy being able to collage paper and combine it with paint. Back in college I used oils, which are a far more sensual experience. But oil rots paper, and once I started working with collage and drawing, I switched. Now I am accustomed to the short drying time: it has a completely different rhythm than oil paint. PH : What piece are you currently working on? LSP : I’m working on a piece I’m calling “Boudoir”. It’s a larg