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This page brings together many of the posts that relate to a theme that has emerged strongly in my own studio work, my teaching, and this blog: the idea of a writer who makes visual art, and the visual artist who writes (i.e., an artist who writes extended pieces, rather than just incorporating text into their art). It's a fascinating subject, raising many interesting questions, such as: why do some artists and writers feel compelled to cross over for short or long periods into another medium? How does the other medium compare to their primary medium? What are they expressing or learning from the change? I've given these posts the shorthand title 'Artist-Writer-Artist', and it's something I will explore in more depth in future blog posts.

Artist-Writer-Artist (series; listed by most recent entry):

Artist-Writer-Artist: Lynn Shapiro
Artist-Writer-Artist: Dianne Bowen
Artist-Writer-Artist: Linda Peer
Artist-Writer-Artist: Patricia Ann McNair
Artist-Writer-Artist: dm simons
Artist-Writer-Artist: Helen Ferguson Crawford
Artist-Writer-Artist: Tullio DeSantis
Artist-Writer-Artist: Words + Art = Joy
Artist-Writer-Artist: Aleksandra Mir
Artist-Writer-Artist: Fiona Banner (2)
Artist-Writer-Artist: Fiona Banner
Artist-Writer-Artist: The Parameters
Artists who Write, and Writers Who Art (Part 6)
Artists who Write, and Writers Who Art (Part 5)
Artists who Write, and Writers Who Art (Part 4)
Artists who Write, and Writers Who Art (Part 3)
Artists who Write, and Writers Who Art (Part 2)
Artists Who Write, and Writers Who Art (Part 1)

2010 Public Art Project:

On Workshop 5 for the Public Art/Community Memoir Project
Opening night for my Public Art/Community Memoir Project
Videos from the Public Art/Community Memoir Project

Journal and Sketchbook Class:

Interviews and videos:

Text and image:

Popular posts from this blog

Brancusi in Plastic

Artist Mary Ellen Croteau is showing these columns made from recycled plastic cartons and lids in the window of the Columbia College bookstore on Michigan Avenue. They are a playful homage to Brancusi's "Endless Columns", with a serious environmental message for our times:

Mary Ellen also runs a wonderful experimental art gallery in a window space in west Chicago, called Art on Armitage. I will be exhibiting a mixed media piece there during August 2012.

Restoring my Printing Press

I've just finished restoring and assembling my large etching press -- a six week process involving lots of rust removal, scrubbing with steel wool, and repainting. Here is a photo of the same kind of press from the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative:

And here is a short YouTube video of me testing the press, making sure the motor still works after nearly seven years of lying in storage:

I Talk On Video

Here is a short video of me in my studio, talking about me, my art, and my influences.