Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday at home

I missed a studio day because of heavy rain in Chicago, and didn't fancy driving in lightning storms. I spent Sunday responding to interview questions for a magazine, then working on sending out some interview questions for a few artist-writer-artists I've encountered via Google Plus. I slept in an air-conditioned room with a cat. I added more people to my Google+ Circles. And I made plans to go to Urbana next weekend to do the first street interviews for the "In Urbana I" public art project.

On Saturday night, I watched a film called "The Universe of Keith Haring." It was a very poorly made film about a very good artist - like something you would see on the E channel or VH1.

Oh, and I got a comment on the blog post I wrote about Julia Ayres' book "Monoprint", from the author herself. Which was nice.

That's it. Tomorrow: a normal blog post with pictures in it.

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