Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to Work

When I went back to my studio last week, for the first time in nearly a month, here's what I did: I went through my storage area and cleared out five large garbage bags of crap that I don't need and will never use/show. And I estimate that that is only about a third of the job done.
Someone I went to art college with told me once about doing a similar thing in his studio in the 1980s, except he cut up a lot of old work and made new work out of it. I will get round to that with the old work that is in fact art, but what I was getting rid of looked like the contents of a crazy person's house -- bags of old rags (that I was going to use for clean-up but never did), dried up tubes of block printing ink, offcuts of bookmaking board too small to recycle.

I did unearth some long, scroll-like collagraphs and monoprints I did a few years ago, though:

They're supposed to be like piles of coal, innit? Dimensions: about 12 inches wide and nearly six feet tall.

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