Sunday, September 16, 2012


It takes hours just to make a relatively simple book like this:

It's two lengths of paper, folded, glued and stitched to make four pockets, into which I will put some small prints.

I also took some old watercolour paintings, cut them up, and experimented making map-folds out of them, and gluing them so that they will open out of this box in a jack-in-the-box fashion:


  1. Beautiful books. I love the jack in the box idea.

  2. The book-in-a-box is fun! You could try it with photos, or postcards too?
    I like the torn edges of the first little book - also the idea of the pockets, for content (could you post pictures when you have sorted out the little prints for the book - I'd love to see?)

    I've been into rainbow pages this week. Several different kinds of notebooks/journals with different coloured pages. It's been a bit of fun. Just finishing one with a black leather & mulberry suede cover - it will look fab! I think I'll have to make another, with some lovely cream text paper inside. I think this is the next project!

    Have a good week, Philip!


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