Monday, December 3, 2012

Writing and Printmaking

I've just spotted two things in my internet RSS feeds that are close to my heart. The first is an article from the excellent blog about printmaking, That's Inked Up. It's a long, informative, nicely illustrated piece about British engraver Clifford Webb. Here is one of his book illustrations:

And the winners of the Arts Writers Grants for 2012 have just been announced. Here are the winners in the blog categories (with links, where available):

Caryn Coleman, The Girl Who Knew Too Much.
Farrah Karapetian, Housing Projects.
Meg Onli, Black Visual Archive.
Harbeer Sandhu, Critical Condition.

By the way, it seems weird that two of the winners in the blog category have blogs that are difficult to find! But as an erstwhile art writer myself, it's good to see this format being recognised in this way.

UPDATE: A reader pointed out to me that the AWG also awards grants to blog proposals, so that's why there might not be any links to some of them yet.

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  1. They are difficult to find because they don't yet exist. Art Writers sometimes gives grants to already existing blogs but often to proposals for blogs.


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