Monday, June 22, 2015

Blogging about Teaching Blogging

This is the photo that I always project before the class.
Nine days ago I taught two classes about the mechanics and craft of blogging to twelve adults at the Interlochen College of Creative Arts. The first class, which I've taught several times before, was a day long session exploring the ins and outs of creating a blog, playing with the layout and template, establishing a preliminary design, using Google's Blogger app. The second class was a new one called Crafting Great Content, in which I took my years of blogging and put them together with the creative writing and process classes that I have taught at Columbia College and elsewhere. I hope the result was satisfying to the participants. I think that the combination of direct advice and the sort of generative, in-class writing that I've learned to use at Columbia led them to explore some new ways of writing in a blog. I will be very interested in getting feedback from their evaluations, so that I can tweak the class format if necessary.

One person wrote a hilarious anecdote that she said she's been telling for years, and decided for the first time to write about during the class. She sent me a link to her blog, and here is a link to the blog post that resulted from the in-class writing: Be careful when you tell that story.

Here is another good use of the short blog post, ending with a question, by someone else who took the class: Winter won't break me.

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