Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Working on some of these coal circle-acrylic collage-airbrush drawings yesterday, things went a bit mental with one of them:

Compare this to how it use to look:

This new one is proceeding in a calmer manner:

It's all painting so far, with thick brushes for the circles in the background, and a thin brush for the linear shape floating on top. The next step is to collage some of the poured acrylic shapes on top of this. Dimensions on this one: 28" x 42".

Before I left, I started the same process going on an accordion book, dimensions 8" x 40" unfolded:

In the close-up photo, the shiny reflections are because I poured some acrylic gel medium, mixed with a little white paint, and squeegeed it across all the pages. When it dries, I will be able to draw on it and collage stuff, as I am doing with the bigger works on paper.

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