Sunday, May 26, 2013

Preparing more machinery

So it's Memorial Day weekend in america, the traditional start to the summer season, and I am in my studio making buildings and machinery out of cardboard. I found some excellent boxes, which I covered in a thick layer of black paint to obscure their target/Amazon origins:

I plan to overprint these in the lithographs, but using white ink only, to get a white on black background effect.

Meanwhile, I'm coming to the end point for printing onto the boxes and stuff that were primed in white gesso. Here is a table laden with the haul from the last couple of studio visits:

One of the fun things was printing onto the cardboard tubes (which will be chimneys in the finished pieces). My method was to ink up the paper-litho transfer, roll the tube up in it, wrap it in a few layers of tissue paper, and transfer the inked image using a bone folder:

My current schedule is to finish all the props and sets by the third week of June, and then start the stop-motion animations in June week 4.

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