Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 13: Watch me work

I've been talking about the process of doing these paintings and showing the results. I thought I'd set up the camera on the self timer to show me adding the dots to a canvas:
The top picture gives a very good sense of how sunlight bounces off my shaven head. The bottom picture, on the other hand, shows the bottle-applicator that I'm using to draw circles and dots with.

With the tondo, I drew a series of coal circles with acrylic medium (left):
Then I covered that with another thin wash of white and iridescent paint (right).

Finally, I did some squashy-squashy on an 18" x 24" panel:
On the left is the panel, on which I drew some shapes using the bottle-applicator. On the right is the sheet of blotting paper that I pressed onto the panel. When it dries, I think I'll layer it with some gel medium, then repeat this process a few times and see what sort of surface emerges.

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