Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2: Working with acrylics

This is the first time since September that I've had more than two days at a time in the studio. Yesterday I continued working with acrylics by making some acrylic skins:

They are made from heavy acrylic gel with a little pigment added. I painted them onto a piece of plastic sheeting, so that when they dry, I can prise them off with a putty knife and add them as collage elements to a painting.

The painting that I showed yesterday dried flatter than I expected, but all the new shapes are still visible:

I continued working on a different painting. Here's a photo of me brushing a thin wash of white paint over the surface:

I then poured fluid acrylic into the wet surface, making circular shapes that immediately started to spread out and bleed into the surrounding areas:

I will now let all these things dry for a few days before beginning the process all over again, adding texture, washes, and drawn marks while allowing the previous layers to be partially visible.

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