Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two London artists

On Friday and Saturday, I visited the studios of two artists in Hackney, London, to interview them about their work and to take photos of their studios. One of them, Herve Constant, I know from the 1990s, and in fact his studio is still in the same building where I had a studio back then:

The other, Dragica Carlin, I was put in touch with through a friend in New York, the painter Alan Sundberg. Neither Alan nor I knew that Dragica's studio was only a couple of hundred yards away from Herve's:

They were both born outside England - France in Herve's case, Croatia for Dragica - though they both now call London home. Their work is different, but they both had similarly fascinating things to say about art in general and their own process in particular. In the next few weeks, I will post transcript interviews based on the hours of recorded interview that I made.

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  1. I found London artist as talented, professional, creative and passionate.


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