Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 50: More reduction linocut

In preparation for the reduction linocut class that I start teaching at Interlochen on June 13th, I spent the day going over some things, fine tuning materials and processes. I spent the first 90 minutes just preparing an exact way to register the lino block and the paper, so that the paper hits the block in the same spot for each colour:

I used an image from one of sketchbooks of rocks in the desert, done nearly 10 years ago now.

It's worth spending the time getting the registration mat right, because it enabled me to do a good reduction linocut with precise registration each time I put the paper onto the inked up block:

That's the first pass, which was a two-colour rainbow roll in pale green and pale ochre.

Here are the following three stages (background variations in colour due to my cell-phone camera):

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