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In the Studio: Day 72

I don't have access to my giant Dickerson printing press at the moment -- only my tabletop press, which prints maximum 10" x 14" plates. But I wanted to make some bigger mixed media prints. The solution? Line up twelve a-loo-min-um tiles, and paint freely across all of them:

Medium: Z-acryl etching ground and carborundum. The word in the top right is 'Writhe", because that's what the drawing reminded me of (drawn in reverse of course so that it will print the correct way round). I will ink and print each plate separately, then glue or stitch the twelve prints together to make one larger print.

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Artist Mary Ellen Croteau is showing these columns made from recycled plastic cartons and lids in the window of the Columbia College bookstore on Michigan Avenue. They are a playful homage to Brancusi's "Endless Columns", with a serious environmental message for our times:

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