Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Lucerne Project in Book Form

First of all: I've noticed that the most-read post on this blog is something I wrote last November about seeing an Anish Kapoor sculpture in London, which I coupled with a funny anecdote about said artist, told to me by a friend of mine. Which is weird, considering that most of my posts this year have been about my own work.

Which brings me to this. I took photos of all the pages from the 100-page accordion book, together with eight of the texts from the imaginary Lucerne diary, and sent them to the online print-on-demand company, to be printed in book form. I did that last week, and the first copy arrived today. I'm extremely pleased with the result:

The cover is an image that wraps around from front to back. Then inside, I arranged the images two to a page, broken up every ten pages or so by text:

Copies will be on display in the gallery in October, and the book will also be available then for purchase from Blurb.

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