Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lena Levin is Right

After my last blog post, expressing resignation at a bad first day back in the studio after a long absence, an online friend, artist Lena Levin, reminded me that good days often follow bad days.

During my last studio day, I set aside the rubbish I'd been hacking at and tried out my new animation set-up:

The toy soldier is a figure I've used frequently before. I bought a high resolution webcam, which can take still shots, and is now plugged directly into my Netbook, so that I can do stop-motion animation more easily. (Previously, I took all the shots on a camera, transferred them to the laptop, processed the hundreds of stills so that they weren't all a billion megabytes, etc.) In that photo above, I was experimenting with a dolly/tracking shot by taping the webcam to the roof of a toy London bus.

In all, a more promising creative day ...

1 comment:

  1. I love your inventive "dolly"! Looks like an interesting project could be coming up? I will be looking out for it!

    An yes, good days usually do follow a bad day, even for me!


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