Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 46 (b): Second layer printmaking

During my last studio visit, I started the process of adding second prints onto the 100 page accordion book prints. I did some drypoint drawing onto a sheet of Duralar (acetate), inked it with white etching ink, then printed it onto a small test print.

Here is the work table, showing the image I was working from, the Duralar drypoint below it, the paper tray with the existing prints soaking (intaglio printmaking works best when the paper fibres are damp), and the blotter and roller to dry off the print a little when I take it out of the water tray:

Here is the print after I overprinted the drypoint onto it:

The thin white marks are from the drypoint. Mission accomplished: it works, so I will start adding some drypoints to the pages of the accordion book.

I'm probably going to exhibit this book at a gallery in Chicago in October, too. More details soon.

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