Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Final thoughts on the One State conference

At the One State Illinois conference that I just attended, one of the most absorbing and inspiring presentations was given by Orbert Davis, who teaches jazz at the University of Chicago, and who is the founder and leader of the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic. He began by walking onto the stage, picking up his trumpet, and playing an obbligato, Louis Armstrong-inspired blues for a few minutes. He then gave a talk about the CJP, his creative process, which involves 75% research followed by 25% composing, and the necessity for music education from the earliest years in American schools.

He showed some clips of performances by his quintet and the CJP. The one I liked best was his variations on Miles Davis' 'Sketches of Spain'. And here is a You Tube clip I found of him performing it. As I (ahem) 'tweeted' after he'd finished speaking, Mr. Davis deepened my conviction that music is the most profound and the highest expression of art:

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