Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Final morning of One State Together in the Arts

I'm just about to go to the final events at the one State Together in the Arts conference. There is a live stream from the main hall, starting at 10 am American Central Time (GMT minus 6 hours), which I'm embedding here:


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Yesterday, I ran into Christina McClelland from the Urbana Arts Program, who awarded me a grant to do a project there later in the year. She was attending this conference, too, so we were able to have a quick meeting to go over some basics about the project: permissions for street interviews, wording for publicity materials, and so on. Urbana is only about 40 miles from Normal, so after the conference ends at noon I'm going over there to take some photos in downtown Urbana, which I can use to think over where I want to install the public art project once it's finished.

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